KANDUNGAN HARA MIKRO PUPUK KOSARMAS (Kotoran sapi, Keong Mas, Cangkang Kemiri)

  • Jumaria Nasution Universitas Graha Nusantara
Keywords: kosarmas of fertilezer, boron, mangan


The use of inorganic fertilizer among farmers is still quite high, excessive inorganic fertilizer in the long run will damage the soil structure to become hard and soil microorganisms. In response to this, various alternative technological efforts have been made by utilizing waste to produce environmentally friendly organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizer is the result of fermentation or decomposition of organic matter. Kosarmas liquid fertilizer mix cow dung, snail and hazelnut can improve soil physicality. The purpose of this study was to evaluate micro nutrients B 1,447 and Mn 1,945. This proves that organic fertilizer has an excellent function as a substitute for inorganic fertilizer