• Rosni Harahap UnIversitas Graha Nusantara Padangsidimpuan
Keywords: speaking skill, video blog


Drama is a composition in verse or prose intended to portray life or character or tell a story usually involving conflics and emotions through action and dialogue and typically designed for theatrical for performance.  While Harmer (in Wahyuni) states speaking is the ability to speak fluently and presupposes not only knowledge of language features, but also the ability to process information and language on the spot. Speaking has a strong relationship with drama, because when someone acts on drama she/he need to speak up. Speaking fluently and correctly are needed in drama action. A researcher herself is a drama lecturer for the students of sixth semester, she observed all the happened in the class, she knew the lack of her students and she tried to solve the problem. Then she did the preliminary study to them. The data showed in the preliminary study the students mean score only 65 with the lowest score 55. Then she applied a vlog technique to improve the students’ speaking skill.  It was so suprised, three meetings were for the exercise vlog class, finally the last test the students mean score was 85 with the highest score 88.  it can be concluded that this research runs successfully. The students improvement reached the criteria of success for speaking skills in drama class and the cycle was stop. In the end, all of students had a positive response toward the video blog in improving their speaking skills.  By making video, they become confidence, creative and happy.

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Rosni Harahap, UnIversitas Graha Nusantara Padangsidimpuan

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