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Keywords: Family, Broken Home, Learning Activities


The objectives of this research are: (1). To find out the family conditions of SD Negeri 0501 Hutanopan students who experience broken homes, (2). To find out the impact of broken home families on the activities of students at SD Negeri 0501 Hutanopan, (3). To find out efforts to overcome broken home students.This type of research is qualitative research, namely this research procedure consists of written and spoken words from informants. Meanwhile, the method in this research is a descriptive method. The subjects in this research are teaching staff and students. The object of this research is the impact of broken home families on the learning activities of students at SD Negeri 0501 Hutanopan. Data collection techniques use interviews, observation, documentation. Data were analyzed by means of data reduction, data presentation, drawing and testing conclusions. Testing the validity of data in qualitative research includes tests: Credibility (internal validity), transferability (external validity), dependability (reliability), and comfirmability (objectivity). The research results show that, (1). The family conditions of the 0501 Hutanopan State Elementary School students who experienced broken homes for the 4 students who were the research subjects were different, such as the divorce of their parents due to economic difficulties, the presence of a third person in the household, being abandoned from childhood by their parents without wanting to raise them. , didn't have the same thoughts. (2). The impact of a broken home family on students' learning activities at SD Negeri 0501 Hutanopan is decreased student learning outcomes, lack of discipline in dressing, reduced enthusiasm for learning, lack of interaction or being quiet, likes to make noise. (3). Efforts to overcome broken home students at SD Negeri 0501 Hutanopan are to pay more attention, interact with them frequently, provide encouragement or motivation, teach children good things, melt their hearts.